Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wedding Feathers Inspiration-How to Incorporate Feathers Into Your Wedding Beautifully

Feathers are playful and can be incorporated into your wedding for a unique and whimsical touch! I am sure you have seen outrageous use of feathers at other weddings and events, you know the big, huge, outrageous centerpiece where you can't see the person sitting across from you! Quite simply, the way you incorporate feathers into your wedding beautifully is to use it as a complement and not as the "main event". 
Meaning, utilizing feathers minimally can provide great texture, as well as providing the "wow" factor to your wedding. 

Take a cue at our Feathers Inspiration above in our picture. For additional uses, check out our Feathers Inspiration Pinterest board on Pinterest,

You can have that high drama factor by wearing that bold feather dress if you dare, or you can use feathers as an accessory, such as a headpiece, or a bridal clutch. You can even incorporate feathers minimally in your bouquet to provide as a filler and provide some depth. Other uses of feathers can be incorporated at your reception as decor on the back of your reception chairs, as table numbers, or minimally in your centerpieces. 

Have you or known anyone to incorporate feathers in a wedding or special event? How did it turn out? We would love to hear your stories, share them here in our comments section! 

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