Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How to Pull Off A Holiday Themed Wedding Beautifully!

Did any of you attend any weddings during the holiday season? As 2013 comes to a close(tear)....I would like to briefly share tips with any brides and grooms who are thinking of having their wedding during the holiday season. 

Don't dismiss having your wedding during the holidays! If you share some of my concerns of having a holiday themed wedding, i.e. having your wedding reflect "Christmas", or fear of your wedding to reflect the typical "winter wonderland" theme and falling short executing it, then worry no more! 

We are very fortunate to highlight a beautiful, classical, elegant wedding that occurred during holiday season! This blog post is courtesy of Lauren Malone, a contestant on the TLC's network, Four Weddings. Four Weddings is a television show aired on the TLC network, that showcases four brides who agree to be guests at one another's weddings and judge which is best, with the winner flying away on a honeymoon trip with their husband! 

Lauren has agreed to share her wedding and tips with all you brides out there in pulling off a beautiful wedding during the holiday season. 

So listen up! Here is why we believe Lauren's wedding was executed so beautifully:

1) Beautiful Venue! 

Lauren's wedding was held at the beautiful grand ballroom of the Old Tappan Manor located in Old Tappan, New Jersey. Having an elegant ballroom such as this one, helps to bring your wedding into opulent elegance. Quite honestly, you don't really need to add much more design elements, with the existing chandeliers, marble floors, and sleek palette.  

2) Sophisticated Color Palette

As stated earlier, you probably shared my concerns with not wanting to have your wedding reflect "Christmas" in the form of the traditional "Christmas" colors of green and red. Lauren's wedding color palette of deep burgundy, black, and  ivory, proves to be a sophisticated, elegant palette, yet can be whimsical when combined with other decorative elements. 

3) Candles, Candelabras, Soft Floral Arrangements

To heighten an intimate event, simply add candles! Candelabras add elegance, and florals such as white hydrangeas, and light pink roses soften, and add whimsical flair. Also, notice the wedding incorporated red apples and cranberries for the color palette. 

4. Professional Expertise

Lauren's wedding design profile was executed with the talent of Jessica Malone Atkinson, Creative Director of Spark Group, LLC., a design, management and production company located in Katonah, New York.

So you see, you can have a beautiful winter wedding during holiday season!

                                                     Bride and Groom: Jimmy & Lauren Malone

Lauren always dreamed of having her wedding during the winter, and she shares her wedding with us that you can have your beautiful wedding without having the holidays overshadow it. She also shares that themes are a great starting point, but you don't want them to become so overwhelming that they take away from the true focus of the day, which is love and marriage. Don't let anybody convince you to steer away from your dream day.... you can mold your dreams into something that is feasible and affordable without having to give up your visions.

Cheers to Lauren and Jimmy on many more years of matrimony!

Thank you for sharing your wedding with us! Brides and Grooms take note!

What are some other elements one can add to having a beautiful wedding during the holidays? Share them below!