Saturday, November 23, 2013

Our First Q&A Session: Wedding Planning Office Hour

On Saturday, November 16, at 10:00am EST we hosted our first Wedding Planner(Planning) Office Hour!

You are probably wondering,

"What is Wedding Planner Office Hour?"

I am so glad you asked! 

Think back to when you were in school, and your teacher set aside his or her office hours for you(student) outside of their normal teaching hours to teach, tutor, or spend additional time on material you didn't understand during normal teaching hours.

Wedding Planner Office Hour is loosely based on the concept of a teacher's office hours. More clearly, Wedding Planner Office Hour is a Question and Answer format geared to engaged brides and grooms who can have their questions about their wedding plans answered by a wedding planner live on a broadcast.

Although Wed Becomes Her Wedding Planning & Coordination Co. is an Atlanta based wedding company, our Wedding Planner Office Hour is streamed online for anyone to watch via the Wed Becomes Her Google+ channel, on the last Friday of each month at 8pm EST. If you are not able to make it to the session, don't worry! Our session on our Google+ channel is recorded to our YouTube channel, WedBecomesHer . If you miss the session, you will miss out on asking us questions, but you can watch our session if you are unable to make it to the session. To ensure notifications of new uploads of our sessions to our YouTube channel, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Anyone can watch the session, but if you would like to ask questions you may need to have a Google account, i.e. a Gmail email.  You can also send your questions to us ahead of Wedding Planner Office Hour to our Facebook page, 

Last Saturday, at 10am EST we conducted our first session. Although, we didn't receive any questions, we provided book reviews on popular wedding planning books brides and grooms may come into contact during their planning process. Wedding Planner Office Hour is also an opportunity for Wed Becomes Her to discuss, talk about topics that may be of interest to those involved in the wedding planning process.

You may have noticed in the beginning of this post that "Wedding Planner Office Hour" had "(Planning)" around the title. We are playing around with the title, so that it can be more clear to those who have not heard of it. So moving forward for right now, we will call it Wedding Planning Office Hour.

We hope as a bride, groom, bridesmaid, members or parents of the bridal party can join us on our next Wedding Planning Office Hour, the last Friday of each month on our Google+ page. You can ask your questions during the session, or send them ahead of time on our Facebook page/inbox. Hope to see you!

The next Wedding Planning Office Hour is on Friday, December 27 at 8pm EST.

Did you happen to catch our first session? Would love to know what you thought.

Do you know of any brides and grooms who may benefit from our Wedding Planning Office Hour? Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, parents, guests of bridal party are welcomed too!
Please be sure to share this resource to them!

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